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Find the Freedom to Be Yourself. Free Yourself. 

When it comes to solving a problem, you might find two things happening in your mind: the first is how you think you should be solving it, and the second how you actually end up solving it.


Here is one example: you might be someone who tends to leave things until the last minute. For you, this is your natural way of operating. It's how you do things. It works for you. You actually use that sense of urgency to get the job done.

And yet, at the same time, you might find yourself questioning this way of working. You might blame yourself for not being more structured, more organised. You might even find others blaming you for working this way. This obviously creates some amount of tension in you.

In reality, however, there is no “right”' way of doing things. What looks like an aptitude in one person may well be a drawback for someone else. Your natural inclination is to do things according to your own instincts. Going against this leads to stress—especially in the work environment.

The Kolbe™ Assessment is the tool we use to identify your own instinctive routes to problem-solving. Kolbe™ theory and application brings your natural talents into focus, allowing you the opportunity to operate at your maximum capacity.



We are dedicated to our vision and mission which are 1) to empower individuals and teams to express their unique self in personal and professional contexts to bring greater life satisfaction, and 2) to increase team capability to improve employee performance, employee relations and business. We are one of the few consultancy firms that can deliver the Kolbe theory and tools to our clients and apply the Kolbe System™  to our service. 

Supportive Friend


When you work with us, you will not only access our skills and knowledge, but also those of the Kolbe consultant network when the situation calls for. As the only Kolbe consulting firm in the Netherlands, and amongst a few consultants in Europe, we are leveraging our resources and strengths to deliver to you service packages that will meet your unique needs. You will receive a Kolbe Assessment (that suits your need), and a debrief or on-going coaching sessions. For organizations, you will receive tailored in-house trainings in addition to tailored one-on-one training with individuals who are part of the project.  

Colleagues Going Over Plans


We start off with a free-consultation session for us to discuss on how to proceed. We are flexible with the delivery method. Our clients will take Kolbe assessments online, but we can deliver your debrief sessions and trainings either in-person or virtually. 




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