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Kolbe for Couples

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Couple with Child

Commitment to Personal and

Relationship Development

Provide Understanding to What is There

What are the challenges you face as a couple? Are those challenges result of different attributes? Can those differences be reconciled? Are you seeing "the other" for who s/he really is? What are the strengths you and your partner are bringing to the relationship? What are the complementary qualities? etc. 


Relationship Development for Couples

Our coaching help you understand your and your partner's conative strengths and how to improve your relationships in areas such as finance, communication, sharing household chores, planning and preparing for vacations, etc.  This can be done in couple-session where both partners are present and/or in combination with 1-on-1 session(s) where each partner receives dedicated attention and coaching. 


Kolbe for Individuals

Family Visit
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