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Career Coaching for Individuals

We work with job seekers, and professionals who want to reassess and change their career. If you feel you might be in the wrong job, or are currently between jobs, I can help you map out the path to take. Using the Kolbe™ model, we will be able to clearly identify the talents that are uniquely yours—and therefore the type of work in which you have the greatest chance of succeeding.


Guidance for Teenagers

We work with teenagers who are finding their ways to adolescence and early adulthood. Powered by Kolbe theory and practice, with the focus on adolescence, we are able to assess your unexplored proclivities, which helps you to develop self-awareness, self-understanding and self-acceptance. All of which leads to healthy development of self-confidence which is necessary for teenagers and young adults to start navigating life and career interests. 

Support for Individuals with ADHD

We work with individuals who have ADHD. Through personal experience, plus specialized training, we are equipped to provide you with different tools and lenses through which you could see and value your uniqueness and talents in different light. The support we provide is not one-size fit all the way text-books do. We bring compassion and understanding to our work which is powered by well-research methods. 

Kolbe for Individuals

Young Professional

Kolbe for Individuals

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